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- Game OSTs -

Turbo Shell

My first OST for a shipped game! The folks at Radioactive Dreams wanted a classic synthwave soundtrack that was energetic and motivating to match the action and light-hearted tone of the game, without being too intense or distracting, as the game’s brutal difficulty already makes it challenging enough on its own!

Flower Me To The Moon

Made during the Global Game Jam in 2022, this game is about growing flowers… on the moon. The music blends ambient guitars and synths with chill / lofi beats to enhance the game’s relaxing vibe.


This one’s got an interesting music system going on! You play as a mouse warping through 4 different dimensions by going through mouse holes. Every time you switch to a new dimension, the visuals and music change. All the music variations use the same melody and rhythm to allow for a seamless transition, while being widely different when it comes to arrangement and instrumentation.
The four dimensions are: Classic, Tron, Retro, and Glitched.

8-Bit Epic Quest

An 8-bit, NES-style chiptune game music pack, designed to complement retro action, platformer or adventure games.
Available for download on, GameDevMarket and Unity Asset Store.

- Original Music albums -

Free Hugs

The name says it all: Free Hugs is a collection of comforting and relaxing lofi hip-hop tracks, with just a hint of wistfulness and nostalgia for good measure.

Blue Leaf - released as Virtual Sunsets

An ambient concept album that tells the story of a solitary walk in the forest. The first half represents Dusk and is lighter and nostalgic, while the second represents Night and is at times frightening, at times dreamy.

Redemption - released as Introspect

A heavy, tortured, but also very groovy dark synthwave album with techno and metal influences. At the risk of sounding cliché, this one’s not for the faint of heart.

- Video game Remixes albums -

Genesis Jams 2

The sequel to my Sega Genesis remix album, Genesis Jams. This one includes remixes of pop songs and video game music classics. And due to popular demand, you’ll have the ability to spin dash in this one!