Music that makes your game stand out

Hi! I’m Pete.

I get it: you want to make a great game.

A game that’s original, immersive and memorable.
A game that will keep players coming back.

But to achieve that… you need the right soundtrack
for your game. 

A soundtrack that will give atmosphere and character
to your game, and make it stand out.

A soundtrack that the players will remember, and that
will make them want to come back to your game.

That’s where I come in!

The perfect 3-hit combo:

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Synthwave / Dark electronic



Take it from them:

Pete went above and beyond what I expected. I just wanted an upbeat song from someone who looked like a nice guy to use for a fan character mod, but I got that, a victory theme, and more while he was a delight to work with. Did I mention that the song was an absolute bop?

Justin Clark


Hear it in action: