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Music that makes your game stand out

Hi! I’m Pete.

I get it: you want to make a great game.

A game that’s original, immersive and memorable.
A game that will keep players coming back.

But to achieve that… you need the right soundtrack
for your game. 

A soundtrack that will give atmosphere and character
to your game, and make it stand out.

A soundtrack that the players will remember, and that
will make them want to come back to your game.

That’s where I come in!

The perfect 3-hit combo:

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Original works

Cover Tracks

Take it from them:

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Turbo Shell Main Theme – from Turbo Shell

An upbeat and catchy synthwave track to set the scene for some precision platforming!

Metroid 2077 – from Frogged & Loaded

A heavy-hitting cover that blends Metroid’s oppressive atmosphere with Cyberpunk 2077’s grit.

The Long Road – released as Introspect

My biggest hit so far! Epic and melodic synthwave that hits right in the feels.


Thriller Spark – from Beri the Barrier Brawler (Rivals of Aether mod)

A high-energy, upbeat and cute mixed chiptune for an equally energetic and cute character.

Machine Factory – from 8-Bit Epic Quest

A groovy, catchy 8-bit NES chiptune inspired by the Megaman games.

What is Love

The classic head-bobbing Eurodance hit, reimagined as a Sega Genesis chiptune.

Ambient and Chill

Plants and Seeds – from Flower Me To The Moon

Get ready for some on-the-moon relaxation with this chill and groovy lo-fi jam!

Temple-by-the-Sea – from Memory Quest

Breathe in the peaceful atmosphere, lie down and meditate with this nostalgic tune.

A New Home

You just moved to the countryside to enjoy a more peaceful life. Everything is beautiful here… how about making some friends?